NAGICO Insurances Presents a Donation to Jeanne d’Arc Scouting


ORANJESTAD, Aruba – April 23, 2013: Nagico Insurances is celebrating its 30th anniversary in a very special way. Last year all countries that have a Nagico office organized a special reception and made different donations. This was the case on Aruba as well. In addition to the donations that took place last year on Aruba, Nagico has made available a special fund which is being distributed among different organizations during a longer period.

President of the Board of Directors, Mr. Imran McSood was on Aruba for the celebration of Nagico Insurance’s 30th anniversary in the Caribbean and together with the local manager of the Aruba office decided that they will help additional foundations during this year, especially those active in the areas of social development and education. For this purpose Nagico Insurances is requesting recommendations from Minister of Economic Affairs, Social Affairs and Culture Michelle Hooyboer-Winklaar and Minister of Justice and Education mr. drs. Arthur Dowers.

Recently, representatives of Nagico, together with Minister Michelle Hooyboer-Winklaar of Economic Affairs, Social Affairs and Culture, brought a surprise visit to the scouting group for girls ages four to 18, Jeanne d’Arc. Here Nagico presented a donation that was very well received.

Anneline Tromp-Diaz, who is one of the Savaneta group’s 10 leaders, expressed that they were impressed by the surprise visit and are very grateful and very much appreciate the special gift from Nagico Insurances.

There are more organizations that will receive surprise visits from Nagico, but the company does not wish to reveal yet which organizations these are. Nagico is very proud to be able to make this donation and it was very nice of the scouts to invite Nagico representatives to practice together with them. The representatives participated at making a special knot, which was not an easy task for them.

Tromp-Diaz explained that it was a pleasant moment during which they taught their visitors how to make a “flat knot”, they played a game of earth and sea and also learned how to make a handle to carry water in a bucket that has no handle. In addition the children enjoyed meeting Minister Michelle Hooyboer-Winklaar “in person”, in a relaxed atmosphere where they could talk to her and even share hugs, but the cutest and most frequent question was, according to Anneline Tromp-Diaz, when they asked the minister if she could come participate again with them the following week.