Hurricane Season begins June 1st - Be Prepared



Hurricane preparedness is all we can control, as nature is in charge of the weather. We even have trouble predicting exactly what’s going to happen and freak storms are now becoming normal.

Especially since we live where hurricanes are common, you should already have made emergency preparedness a priority. As we seem to be having more and more unusual weather, it seems like this hurricane is a good reminder to put our emergency preparedness checklist together to weather hurricanes and future storms, in relative safety.  

Hurricanes: What Kind of Damage Can Happen                   



While we don’t know exactly when a hurricane will start to affect our home and community, it is the one type of emergency where today we get lots of warning. Case and point our previous encounter with Hurricane Gonzalo last year which literally took us by surprise. While there were thankfully no reports of deaths, there were millions of dollars in damages reported.

The Red Cross defines hurricane conditions as a threat within 48 hours, which can be raised to a hurricane warning for storms expected within 36 hours and it’s time to finish your storm preparations and prepare to leave the area if directed by authorities.
Depending on the strength of a hurricane, and how long the storm sits over your home, there are many types of damage to prepare for. Therefore your best bet is to have a plan in place ahead of time so you can be prepared for the upcoming hurricane season, comes what may.
Tina Gleisner