NAGICO Sponsorship Policy

Our sponsorship policy gives guidance on what we can and cannot support in terms of the project itself and the organizations involved. Please read this before making an application for sponsorship.

Sponsorship is "the payment of a fee or payment in kind by a company in return for the rights to a public association with an activity, item, person or property for mutual commercial benefit".

Sponsorship is a business agreement, not a gift. Sponsorship is not a donation with nothing in return, or a discount for normal goods or services.

We will:

• Consider all sponsorship requests in an open and even-handed way and measure the request against our sponsorship evaluation criteria
• Only consider sponsorship agreements with organizations whose products, services and values align with the strategic objectives and values of NAGICO
• Consider the other organizations involved if there is to be more than one sponsor and in particular how other sponsors 'fit' with NAGICO
• Require evidence of how sponsorship income is used

Sponsorship evaluation criteria
Sponsorship proposals are evaluated against five general criteria. These criteria have been developed to ensure that NAGICO establishes sponsorship relationships that will mutually benefit NAGICO and the receiving organization.

Proposals are evaluated for:
1. Tangible benefits associated with the partnership.
2. Opportunity to create long-term value.
3. Ability to reach targeted audiences and build relationships.
4. Positive exposure for the NAGICO brand.
5. Potential for long-term, sustainable partnership or relationship.

Ineligible Activities
We regret that we are unable to support the following types of activities because they do not meet the criteria NAGICO set forth in our corporate sponsorship program.

• Any sponsorship in association with tobacco or alcohol
• Any sponsorship in association with Auto Racing, Fighting Sports (Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts etc) and Daredevil Sports.
• Sponsoring of political candidates, organizations or pressure groups.
• Sponsoring of government organizations
• Sponsoring of religious organizations
Marketing & Communications Department
• Sponsoring of events in areas where there is no NAGICO office or Agent.
• Sponsoring of any organization which is in legal or financial conflict with NAGICO
• Requests that benefit an individual person or family.
We would require any sponsored project to:
• Display the NAGICO brand on any legal publicity – this includes brochures, advertising, website,
exhibition materials, signage, information packs, etc – but must be approved by NAGICO before
• Mention NAGICO in all press releases and media activity
• Make available materials or reports produced as part of the project to NAGICO
• Showcase our products and services. We would expect exhibition space at any event we sponsor
• To provide a certain number of free tickets for NAGICO's management & staff to attend
• Proposals are reviewed on a regular basis. The requesting organization should hear from NAGICO
within two to four weeks of receipt of the inquiry. If there is a need for additional information,
NAGICO will contact the organization directly.
• Applicants must allow 3 months to 6 months between application and the sponsored event to
provide time for negotiating agreements and to enable NAGICO to appropriately plan our

Sponsorship application checklist
You need to tell us:
• The title of the event/project you are requesting sponsorship for
• The name of your organization
• Your name and contact details
Include a phone number or mobile number and e-mail address to help us reach you.
• Key timings
• Tell us when the sponsored event/project will take place/appear.
• Tell us when you need a decision (allow 2-4 weeks for sponsorship evaluation at least 3-
6 months before event is to take place).
• A summary of the event/project you'd like us to sponsor
• Explain the aims and objectives of the project and what market segments it will reach. If
the initiative has been run previously or has a track record/evidence of success, tell us
about it
• Tell us about the checks you have in place to ensure a high quality sponsored
event/project etc.
• Do you have achievable timetables and a realistic budget to deliver the project?
• Is the project supported by high quality marketing and PR to ensure that NAGICO's
support is properly acknowledged?

Marketing & Communications Department
• Tell us who the other partners/sponsors are.
• The benefits to NAGICO
• Make sure you highlight the value for money benefits of NAGICO getting involved.
• Outline how you will reach a particular audience through your project/event.
• What return is likely on our investment in terms of public relations and brand awareness?
• Target markets
• Tell us the type of people you will influence/reach with your event/project. Are these the type of organizations/people NAGICO does business with?
• Detail how you will evaluate the success of the event/project
• We want to support projects which reach key audiences and offer good value for money
• If the event has been run before, some form of evaluation of its previous success will help us decide on future sponsorship.

Once you have prepared a written proposal you can e-mail it to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.