NAGICO Donates Computer & Other Supplies To Isabella Morris Primary


October 3, 2013 - NAGICO Insurances has responded favourably to an urgent need for a desktop computer and other supplies at the company’s adopted school, Isabella Morris Primary in Carrot Bay. Through Century Insurances Agency, NAGICO’s General Agent in the BVI, the company was informed that the principal’s computer malfunctioned beyond repair shortly after school reopened last month.


Principal Mrs. Sylvia Adams was pleasantly surprised when staffers arrived at the school with the new desktop computer and a supply of books for students on Friday, 28 September.“I am very happy to the point where I can dance and shout,” Mrs. Adams said.She continued, “I am so grateful because I had a little old laptop that was donated to me in 2007 from another company. When they came to fix it they said it was dead and I was handicapped because I couldn’t do anything from my desk. I am very grateful and elated that with NAGICO’s donation I will be able to sit at my desk and communicate with the Department of Education, teachers and parents. NAGICO has been so helpful. I have never asked them for anything and they said no. They bought us water coolers so we can give the students a fresh drink of water, they provided microwaves and so many other things.”


Mr. Shan Mohamed, Managing Director pledged NAGICO’s continued support for the school.“We want to assure the school that we remain committed to ensuring their continued success because children must have access to the best possible foundation in education that will ensure they become successful leaders in the community,” said Mr. Mohamed.NAGICO Insurances plans to return to the school with more supplies in the coming weeks. NAGICO previously provided the school with three digital projectors, three five-gallon water coolers, and other needed school supplies such as books and pencil cases for students. At the time of NAGICO’s adoption of the school, the company made a commitment to provide an annual contribution of not less than $5,000, which will either be in the form of learning material, equipment, or financial assistance based on the needs of the school.


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