NAGICO auto insurance provides Comprehensive or "All Risks" coverage, which covers the insured for loss or damage suffered as a result of collision, theft, fire, malicious damage, flood and hurricane. Included with the own damage coverage is Liability coverage for injury or damage caused by the insured to Third Parties . In addition to being covered for Own Damage and Third Party Liability, the Comprehensive auto insurance policy also covers

  • Loss of Use
  • Towing Expenses
  • Accidents to the Insured
  • Personal Accident (Passenger Liability)
  • Medical & Air Ambulance Expenses


Third Party Liability Only

Third Party or Liability Auto insurance provides coverage to owners and operators of Autos for injury and/or damage they cause to Third Parties. As a bonus, NAGICO Third Party Liability coverage also includes the following optional coverage:

  • Personal Accident (Passenger Liability)

Third Party Liability + Fire & Theft

This coverage includes all the coverage provided by a Third Party only policy and includes coverage for Fire & Theft plus the following benefits;

  • Loss of Use,
  • Towing Expenses,
  • Accidents to the Insured,
  • Personal Accident (Passenger Liability)
  • Medical & Air Ambulance Expenses.

Optional Coverage Extensions

Tool of Trade Extension- this coverage is intended for vehicles used "off road" where the Road Traffic Acts do not apply. (eg. vehicles used on work sites, customers' premises etc)

Trailer Extension – covers Liability for Auto owners when they are towing a trailer in the event that the Trailer detaches and causes injury or damage.

For more information, contact an agent near you, or our corporate office.

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